Meet Carrie Singer

Carrie Singer

I was raised by gypsies.

We moved back and forth between California and Nebraska, town to town, numerous times. My parents were on their own adventures which meant I and seven siblings were along for the ride. Growing up playing in either nearby orange groves or corn fields it was quite an journey. My father was a master storyteller. He could make my cousins and I believe anything. We still laugh about the story of him being blood brother to the Teton Sioux. One of my cousins labels his stories Truish. Because there would always be some truth in there.

Fortunately there was always a library near by and books became my friends. Tolstoy and Dickens, biographies and science fiction. But when I discovered Jane Austen the trajectory of my imagination changed. At a very early age I had started writing songs, poetry and short stories. Now my friends and I wrote stories for each other of adventure and romance reading them aloud at slumber parties.

After college I went on to work in the health care field in Radiology. I loved the technical aspect of the job with all the new medical advances. And I love talking to people to be able to hear their stories.

I loved Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels. And decided, AH, that’s what I want to be able to emulate. Adventure and comedy. What could be better?

Romantic comedies were always my favorite movies. French Kiss is an all time favorite Showing the complex relationships men and women have. The comedy in certain situations and that love can be found through laughter. It was relatable to my own life.

Once I fell in love with romance novels the desire to write hit me. I have been a member of RWA and the Orange County Chapter for many years. I am presently working on a RomCom that travels from the Bower’s Museum in Santa Ana CA to Paris, France. Along with the help of some magic.

I live in a small town in Southern California surrounded by hills where I am devoted to my two children and am now grandma to 4 delightful grandchildren.