by Ottilia Scherschel

Location! A realtor will tell you to search for the worst house in the best location. A producer sends out a location scout before starting a film. A writer looks for two locations. One is a place to write and the other is a setting for her story.

For me, a location to write can be any place no one bothers me. Most days, this spot is my computer room that has big windows facing a view of green or brown, depending on the time year, hills. I’m a bit claustrophobic so being able to look outside is important. If writing at my computer is not productive, I escape to a shady corner of my yard, or if chaos reigns in my house, I run away to write at a local coffee joint. For the most part, finding a writing location is not a big challenge, but finding the setting for a story is a horse of a different color.

Douglas Dresser, location manager of the movie The Revenant, says, “Location is everything! A great location hopefully adds to the audience experience in that it takes you into the character’s life. It makes you feel like you are there with them.”


When I’m planning a novel, I take virtual tours of locations and imagine what I would smell, hear and feel being there. I then ferret out unusual pieces of information that I can use to create my characters and drive my story. The world is full of stunning places populated by interesting people.

Whether you’re looking for a place to live, a setting or a comfy spot to write, remember location is everything!




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