Kathleen’s Writing Space

Readers often ask about a favorite author’s daily schedule – and where she spends most of her time writing. Sometimes finding the right spot isn’t easy. I moved my writing space all over the house I used to live in, searching for an area where I could see the outdoors whenever I looked up from my keyboard. I started in a small bedroom where the window looked out over the garage roof revealing a patch of sky. No tree branches, no leaves. Sigh. I began to feel overwhelmingly confined and started to search for a more open and airy space. I moved downstairs to the dining room where I was surrounded by large windows overlooking the front and back yard. This seemed perfect – at first. However, typing on a keyboard placed at the height of a dining room table eventually proved to be very unsatisfactory. I then moved to a downstairs bedroom, set my desk to face the doorway so I could look out onto the family room. Sort of okay, yet still confining. And no vista.

Today I’m in a different house and I have the luxury of an office that faces the front of my home, with corner windows to let in the light, a view of palm trees, and a wide swath of sky.  I can watch the neighborhood children going to and coming back from our nearby grade school. And I get to watch the weather and the seasons change. I love to listen to classical music while I write. I can enjoy the beautiful sounds, while not being distracted by any lyrics.

Have you noticed how many authors post pictures of their pets? There’s something so special about having an animal you love close by while you work. My companion is an American Bulldog. While I’m tapping away on the keyboard, Auron curls up on his bed beneath the corner windows and waits patiently. Well, patiently until it’s mealtime. (He has an inner clock that rings at dinner time.) This is only one of his beds. Others he moves around the house at will. At nighttime, we move his biggest bed next to mine. And when my alarm clock wakes us up at 5:00 am, he’s right there with a good morning kiss.

I’m not usually posed so formally in my office. These photos were taken at the request of my publisher, Avon Books, and were included in their promos. But here I am, looking very serious, in front of my desk. And here is Auron, looking up and wondering why I’m taking his picture instead of going into the kitchen to fix his dinner. You got it – his inner clock is ringing!


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