Who is Katie Keelor?

If I’m not here, I’m there.  Time-traveling will do that to you.  And, I do it constantly.  “Pushing my button” doesn’t take much.  A beautiful old book with intricate, gold-tooled bindings, a piece of antique furniture with exquisitely carved wood, a vintage photograph, some obscure fact of history, a déjà vu moment or a simple reason to know how and when something came into existence does it every time.  I think I’ve lived before and just can’t let go.

Val MilletteI’m a history buff.  Always was and always will be.  History fascinates me and when I discover some unusual event, I latch on like velcro.  Of course, this distraction proves to be a serious roadblock in my writing process.  I get so involved in the research that I can spend hours and hours gathering information.  Since writers know that less than one percent of all that fact-finding should find its way into the story, I’m doomed.

“Got her nose in a book” was a familiar phrase when I was growing up. My dad had this wonderful home library filled with biographies, geographies, histories, and an odd stash of contemporary mysteries.  Nothing was forbidden and if there was something that shouldn’t be read by a youngster, it was not to be found.

I began to seriously read romance fiction in the 19……’s (not telling) and, like a fiery dragon,  devoured every medieval novel that I could find.  Then came pirates and scoundrels.  I moved through time and fell in love with Regencies, was totally absorbed by the Victorian era and now I’m captivated with the Edwardian era.  (I think Downton Abbey played a part here.)  Sometime during my Jude Devereaux phase came my “I want to write” epiphany.  I took writing seriously and focused on historical romance—all with my favorite time travel theme.

Spurred on by my love of history, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to England, Wales, Ireland and France.  Visits to these sites fueled my historical fire (and I have the boxes of photos, maps, local brochures and books to prove it).

I am also totally devoted to researching my family’s ancestry and my love of the past has helped me trace both sides of my family back to the early 1700’s.  Time spent working on genealogy takes away from my writing time, but in the end, they do compliment each another.  I actually got the idea for “May I Have this Dance” when researching my family.

And to those who really know me, I seriously embrace technology and covet almost every new technological device out there.  I wish I had stock in Apple.

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